Gorgeous Finnish design clothes for MAGNIFICENT women

Established in 2015, Pioni+ is a Finnish fashion brand of impressive yet Scandinavian-spirited women’s clothes for everyday life and celebrations.

The inspiration for the Pioni+ collection is my favourite flower – voluminous and glamorous peony. Inspired by its beauty, I have designed airy and well fitting garments that make us curvy women look drop-dead gorgeous.

Pioni+ clothes feel like a second skin. Durable in use, these timeless classics come with a modern twist and help you build a versatile wardobe that looks exactly like you. Pioni+ clothes are great to wear at work and evening events, and on holidays as well.

Light and breathable fibres such as linen, silk and wool are at the core of Pioni+. All clothes are sewn nearby in Estonia. Thanks to small production series, you won’t encounter these clothes at every street corner. Pioni+ is as unique as you are.

Carefully measured Pioni+ clothes bring out the best of you. They are available in the following sizes: 42/44, 46/48, 50/52 and 54/56.

Besides, the exact measures (bust, hips, shoulder line and sleeve) of each Pioni+ garment are displayed in centimetres, which helps you find clothes that fit perfectly on you.

Take a look at the lovely Pioni+ collection in this web shop or pop in our boutique on Fleminginkatu, Kallio! Charming and luminous HIMO store is a great place to discover products from rising Finnish designers. 



As long as my memory goes, sewing and drawing and doing with hands have been a big part of my life. As a child, I loved to sew clothes for my toy monkey as well as various pillow cases with my manual sewing machine. Colours and shapes inspired me, and in the back seat of our car I was always busy with crayons and marker pens.

After finishing high school, the desire to work with my hands got stronger and stronger, so I started clothing technology studies at Roihuvuori Vocational School. In my diploma work I explored how different techniques and prints can animate the fabrics.

My first job in the clothing industry was in a knitting factory on Tehtaankatu, in the heart of Helsinki. I still vividly remember their steam press, the scent of the wool and the cozy sounds of the knitting machines. After my further studies, my personal designer style began to emerge, and I finished my Bachlor’s degree in fashion and clothing studies by designing an entire collection of breastfeeding clothing.

Over the years I have worked with fashion brands, workwear and baby clothes, in versatile roles from production manager to pattern technician. These jobs have shaped my understanding of different body types and the measurements they require.

Since 2005, I have been an independent designer and pattern technician. It’s the various, ever-changing assignments that make this job so fascinating! To succeed, you need to be both rich with ideas and punctual, plus have great understanding of the shape.

My own label Pioni+ saw the daylight in September 2015. For a long time, me and numerous voluptous women had been longing for a Finnish top-quality clothing brand for curvy women, as the stores never seemed to offer plus sizes in quality clothes.

When it comes to style, I love simple, beautifully cut and well-fitting clothes with delicious details. At the same time, designing patterns and prints has become even more important for me in the past years. As a hedonist, I’m at my happiest in ordinary everyday life. Everyday

enjoyment has also been the starting point for creating Pioni+. I want to make gorgeous clothes for gorgeous women like you – clothes in which every single day life feels great and worth the celebration. 

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